1. Very Professional and Very Good Job

    Exceptional. Johnny... was very professional and did a very good job staining (resurfacing) our deck. Thank you.…Read More

    Mrs. Bonney, Stafford
  2. Exceeded my expectations!

    Amazing. Exceeded my expectations!…Read More

    Mr. Berger, Lake Anna
  3. Da_ _ good job!

    Exceptional. Very Careful. Da_ _ good job; Cleaned up as they worked; would recommend without hesitation to any needing their services; pleasant and easy to work with!…Read More

    Mr. Pendergrass, Spotsylvania
  4. Answered all my questions

    Shane and Hunter were very nice and answered all my questions. The product covered what they said it would.…Read More

    Mr. Phillips, Fredericksburg, VA
  5. Exceptional

    You guys did a very good job. Exceptional.…Read More

    Mr. Lake, Spotsylvania
  6. We are thankful your company was looking out for the best answer for us and not to get our money.

    Dear Mike, I just wanted to thank you for being such a reliable company. Your honesty in helping us make a decision to have our cracked driveway resurfaced with your Methacrylate. I was so excited then you found hollow spots in our driveway which needed five foot sections cut out and repaired. We then discussed the price between a patched and maybe the patch not a secure solution as only our Lord …Read More

    Marguerite, From the Desk of the Queen Bee
  7. We Love It

    Mike, I purchased plans for the Fulgham deck from you in May, and my husband and I are just completing it. We love it!!! We did enlarge the deck a few feet to fit our house and it is looking great. -------- We love the design--the last thing we wanted was a deck that looked like a box attached to the back of the house. Your plans called for appx. 12 x 20-- but we expanded the deck to appx. 14 x 30…Read More

    Judy Lambertz
  8. This is about the best set of drawings on a Gazebo that we have ever seen

    Dear Mike... Today I took two sets of the drawings, notes to drawings, and bill of materials to our county permitting office. There were some questions on connections during the plan review in which your details, bill of materials, and notes furnished enough information for them to pass on the permitting with but one exception. At the conclusion of plan review they commented, "who did these drawin…Read More

    Bill Baker
  9. They were everything they said they were and more

    The following is a questionaire that one of our visitors emailed to one of our "Design-at-a-Distance" customers who gave us some very high marks! Hi. My name is Ralph and I am planning on getting a deck built by VA Deck. I found them on-line and do not know much about the company or their work ethics. I am interested in finding out if you are happy with your deck. I obtained your email address fro…Read More

    Stephen Pradier