sikkensStaining & Sealing

Wood or Composite

For many years we recommended only one deck stain-sealer:  Sikkens.  We have now found something better that utilizes nanotechnology.  This coating utilizes molecules that are so small, they fit in between and get behind your wood or composite decking molecules where they interlock with themselves to form a very, very strong bond.  This nano-molecular bond is why the material locks onto the substrate surface and fiercely resists peeling, chipping, flaking or any kind of delamination.  It is extremely UV ray resistant and very hard and durable.  And if a traffic area eventually begins to show wear, just recoat only that area.  It blends.  It resists acid in rain and spills.  Available in satin or gloss.  You can stain your deck ahead of time to the rich color you want and then apply this Nano-Super-Shield to lock in the stain and lock out the weather.  We are currently helping the manufacturer develop and test their product and hope to release this product shortly to our clients.  Bookmark this site.