Shortly after founding our decking company in 1983, Virginia Decking & Remodeling, LLC began to be considered by some to be the nation’s premier Ipe design and build company. Not only have we found a way to build Ipe wood decks and porches for half the cost of what others charge, but we recently started offering something no other deck firm in the nation has yet: a onetime application, 20+ year maintenance solution that can help to give you the sexiest deck in town.

Ipe (pronounced e-pay) deck wood is a hardwood flooring material that frequently goes by various names and is often grouped with similar exotic hardwoods. Materials such as Cambara, Brazilian walnut, Greenheart, Ironwood™, Pau Lope™, and Ipe are a few of the quality hardwoods that make this exclusive list.

Most of these flooring materials originate in South America and represent some of the most dense, hardest woods available. When used in porch and deck installations, Ipe hardwoods can be beneficial because they are:

  • Harder. Much harder. In fact, Ipe tends to be up to five times harder than yellow southern pine that has been pressure-treated and prepared.
  • Resilient. Ipe porches are strong enough to resist rot and insects, both of which can end up compromising your structure and costing you big!
  • Safe. The durability and slip-resistance of Ipe makes it an ideal material for those with disabilities. In fact, our Ipe deck and porch materials exceed the American with Disabilities Act’s governance concerning slip safety.
  • Fire-resistant. Ipe deck wood is dense enough that its structure mitigates fire dangers, carrying the highest fire-resistance rating when compared to other porch-building materials.
  • Durable. So durable, in fact, that untreated decks and porches are rated to last more than 40 years when left untreated. If you add in the all-important deck oil, this material can last up to 100 years!
  • Beautiful. Ipe hardwood provides a rich, deep luster that shines with dark tones and golden hues, delivering a stunning product that supplies its own beauty and character.

No matter which exotic hardwood you decide on for your home’s porch or decking installation, you’re sure to receive a resilient product that provides years and years of beauty and craftsmanship.

Are there any negatives? For one, Ipe deck wood is too dense for standard cutting operations. If you plan on utilizing fasteners, be sure that your Ipe hardwood is pre-drilled. Finishing this beautiful hardwood with a sealer is also a tricky process, one that requires time, finances, and skill to be done properly.


When it comes to beauty and durability, no other natural materials can hold a candle to Ipe wood materials. As long as you own your deck, you will benefit from Ipe’s quality construction, negating any concern for splinters and grooves or gouges.

Ipe porches provide the convenience of requiring very little maintenance when left unfinished. Whereas pressure-treated decks require a high level of care, Ipe porches can prove to be a low-hassle, low-stress product.

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