When you order a set of Virginia Decking Gazebo or Pavilion Building Plans, you receive several full page detail drawings which include:

  • Bench Detail
  • Coffee Table Detail
  • Handrail Recessed Inside of Floor Detail
  • Hottub or Spa Structural Support Detail (8’x8′ or smaller)
  • Handrail Detail (Chippendale & Vertical Picket)
  • Stair Detail (includes tread-riser detail and bannister detail)
  • Framing Around a Tree Detail
  • Framing Around Bay Window (or Chimney) Detail
  • Footing to Post to Beam to Joist to Ledger Detail

Why our Building Plans are so much better than anyone else’s. Download a five (5) page sample deck and screen porch plan to prove it!

Gazebo Plans ($259.95) & Pavilion Plans ($359.95)

  • 8′ Octagon
  • 10′ Octagon
  • 12′ Octagon
  • 14′ Octagon
  • 16′ Octagon
  • 8’x14′ Oval
  • 10’x12′ Oval
  • 10’x14′ Oval
  • 10’x16′ Oval
  • 12’x16′ Oval
  • 12’x18′ Oval
  • 12’x20′ Oval
  • 12’x24′ Oval
  • 10’x14′ Rectangular
  • 12’x18′ Rectangular
  • 12’x20′ Rectangular
  • 12’x24′ Rectangular

Pavilions ($359.95 ea):
20′ 12 sided
21′-3″ 12 sided
25’x40′ 12 sided

*All other gazebo plans have a 2 to 3 week availability.

All of our standard deck, porch and gazebo plans come with our unconditional money back guarantee.
Important Note: The floors on all plans (deck, porch, gazebo) are designed for 50psf (per square foot) total loading. All roofs (porch and gazebo) are designed for total loading of 40psf (pounds per square foot). If you live in a geographic area which requires increased loading design (snow loading for example), please have your local Plan Review increase the loading design if needed. Also, none of our plans are designed to sustain hurricane winds. For such you will want your local Plan Review to add the necessary modifications to our plans. They should help you with any changes because they work for you… you pay their salaries.

Or you may also feel free to call us at 540 786-3534 weekdays 8:00am-5:00pm Eastern Time and give us the order the old fashioned way: By speaking to a person.

25′ x 40′ Pavilion (12 sided)
Building Plans for $395.95
(no material list*)


20-pavilion-gazebo20′ Pavilion (12 sided)
Building Plans for $395.95
(no material list*)

Photo of 20′ twelve sided Pavilion as built by Gary Hershberger
from our set of 20′ Pavilion Building Plans. Gary, you are The Man.