1) Fax a copy of your House Location Survey (plat) to 540 786-3324 day or night. Just be sure not to enlarge or reduce it or cut off a portion (it must contain the round seal). If you cannot fax it without changing the scale or cutting it off, you will have to mail it to us. The local Zoning folks get very particular about this.

2) Two house photos where the deck or porch will go (one from the back that takes in the whole house if possible and one photo from the side). Please email house photos inside the Client Worksheet form below or mail them. Faxing photos doesn’t work well.

3) A rough sketch of the house which includes dimensions showing exact locations of doors and windows. Include the deck, porch, and/or gazebo and your ideas of what you want. Please use my Client Worksheet form below. (This is the fun part… you’ll like it)

4) Design Fee Retainer in personal check or VISA/MC/DISC.

To make this whole process go a lot smoooooother, please download a MS Word “Client Worksheet” form (be sure to “enable macros” when asked). It walks you step by step through all of the above 4 things I need. If you are diligent and fill out everything that pertains, it will give me just about all of the answers to questions that I normally ask you on the phone (some of which I typically forget to ask). This way I can spend more time designing and less time fumbling around for answers… and you can get your deck or porch that much faster. Helpful hint: Right click and download the DOC file to your hard drive. Filling it out in Word is easier than working with it in your browser. And be sure you are online when filling it out.

One more hint: I upgraded this Client Worksheet to a MS Word interactive form. If it gives you a fit, download and use the original Client Worksheet and let me know what wouldn’t work for you in the form. Thanks.

Are you ready to order a Design and also receive a bid? No? Still not convinced, huh. Check out a sample contract. You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it.

Custom Deck Plans *$500
Custom Screen, Glass or Front Porch Plans *$600
Custom Gazebo Plans *$600
Custom Shed Plans *$550
Custom Deck and Porch Plans *$650
Custom Deck and Gazebo Plans *$650
Custom Deck, Porch, Gazebo Plans *$800
Custom Deck and Shed Plans *$600
Custom Deck, Porch, Shed Plans *$750
Custom Deck, Porch, Shed, Gazebo Plans *$900

*This Design Fee Retainer is simply credited
toward your initial payment when you contract with us.