My time as a Designer is valuable. So is yours. For those folks on the go who really don’t have the time or patience to put up with a fat, old decking contractor with muddy boots tracking through their place who refuses to leave until they get your money, we have a solution. I will design your deck (porch, gazebo, sunroom) from my computer with your help), price it out, and even email you a Contract Proposal for your consideration. If you qualify for our “First Time Customer” discount, you will save 25% off retail. A pretty sweet deal if you ask us! We just need four things to start the deck design process! I will take your budget along with info on what you most enjoy doing on a deck or patio:

  • Cooking
  • Hot tubbing
  • Sunbathing
  • Partying
  • Romantic dinners

Once all of the information is recorded, I will draw up some ideas to fit your budget, your house, your terrain, and your lifestyle. The deck design will go back and forth between us until we get it perfectly right to meet your high expectations.

We FrameU Finish: Save 50 percent  for First Time Customers who are also handy with a hammer.  We offer a service that saves an average of 50 percent.  You act as your own general contractor (buy materials directly from our supplier and get a Homeowner Permit) and we frame it.  You install the decking along with the deck railing systems.  Done.  $20,000 gets you a $40,000 deck, which sweetens the deal further.  We just need four things to start on your dream decking design!