Since 1983, Virginia Decking & Remodeling LLC has been considered by some to be the nation’s premier Ipe design and build company. Not only have we found a way to build Ipe wood decks for half of what others charge, but we are currently working with a nanotechnology firm to help develop and test an outdoor wood application using controlled chemical nanotechnology that is designed to protect against UV damage, moisture, scratches and abrasion, acid and water spots from beverage spills, and salt from seawater.  When we are ready for a full rollout of this product, it won’t be cheap. However, it will certainly be a lot less expensive than constantly re-coating your deck, dock, or porch every year.  Contact us for more details.

Ipe (pronounced e-pay) deck wood is a hardwood flooring and frequently goes by various names or is often grouped with similar exotic hardwoods: Cambara, Brazilian walnut, Greenheart wood, Ironwood™, and Pau Lope™, to name a few. Most of these hardwood flooring materials grow in South America and are noted for extreme density and hardness (actually sinks in water). Ipe as a wood decking material is:

  • Five times harder than pressuretreated yellow southern pine.
  • Ipe decking carries the highest rating against rot and insects (termites).
  • Ipe deck wood exceeds the Americans with Disabilities Act requirements for slip resistance when wet.
  • Ipe as a deck wood carries the highest rating for fire resistance.
  • Ipe deck wood is so durable that, when left untreated, will last over 40 years, and up to 100 years if deck oil is applied!
  • Ipe hardwood decks typically have a deep, rich brown luster with some pieces displaying a golden hue, giving the wood beauty and character. See photos below.

Whether you buy Ipe decking, Cambera decking, Brazilian walnut flooring, Greenheart wood, or Pau Lope™, you are getting a wonderful exotic hardwood flooring product that provides lasting beauty, year after year.

What are the negatives? Ipe deck wood is so dense that a carbidetipped saw blade is necessary during deck installation. Ipe does rout nicely, but it must be predrilled for fasteners. Also, when it comes to finishing Ipe with a sealer, it is an expensive, difficult, timeconsuming job that will have to be re-done every 6 months to 2 years depending on which coating you use.


There is no other natural material that will outlast or look as beautiful as Ipe deck wood. Ipe hardwood decks will remain smooth and splinter-free as long as you own your deck!

Ipe deck wood provides the beauty of wood without the hassles of the high maintenance required by pressure-treated decking. Ipe decking is a beautiful product when completed, and low-maintenance if you leave it unfinished.


Unfinished Ipe Decking & Ipe Railing
(with aluminum balusters)


Finished Ipe Deck & Pressure Treated Railing
(with aluminum balusters)