There are many ways to fix deteriorating concrete.  If your concrete is badly damaged with many cracks or wide cracks or obvious structural issues that are just going to get worse, it may not pay to resurface with a coating.  The most logical and least expensive solution may be to simply install another 4” layer of concrete over the original.  This assumes we have 4” of vertical height to work with.  If not, for an additional charge we will have to remove the existing concrete and install new concrete.  Either way, we will do what is right for you.

Dear Mike, I just wanted to thank you for being such a reliable company. Your honesty in helping us make a decision to have our cracked driveway resurfaced with your Methacrylate. I was so excited then you found hollow spots in our driveway which needed five foot sections cut out and repaired. We then discussed the price between a patched and maybe the patch not a secure solution as only our Lord knows what else was going on under the present driveway. With your help we made a decision to go with a new driveway, which is beautiful, more professional and thick. We want to thank you for an honest company one can trust and for not holding us to the original contract for the MMA. So many companies are out to get us elderly people and we are thankful your company was looking out for the best answer for us and not to get our money. We will and have recommended you to our Friends & neighbors.. Thanks again for taking good care of us. With the husband having Alzheimer’s it’s up to me to make the decisions these days and I am so thankful for your help.”  

Kind Regards,  Marguerite From the Desk of the Queen Bee

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