geodeck-cedar-composite-decking-railingsThe World of Composite Decking Materials

You can stop surfing for awhile and enjoy what is perhaps the web’s most helpful site for the low down on Trex® (the company), Trex® decking, high tech new deck materials, next generation pvc decks and vinyl decking like Azek® and Gossen®, composite deck materials, vinyl railings, decking by eon®, TimberTech®, GeoDeck®, Nexwood® and Choice Dek® (not Choice Deck). Here you will learn what is wrong with vinyl deck materials, plastic decking and Trex® decking… and what composite decking materials we love and why.

No Deck Maintenance?

Perhaps due to being in this line of work for a very long time, we receive many inquiries about deck maintenance issues and what alternatives exist to traditional wooden decks including which composites have serious drawbacks.  Having been in this business since 1983, and having designed and built composite and vinyl decks with Trex®, fiberon®, Azek®, Gossen®,  GeoDeck®, and others… we can tell you that they ALL have pluses and minuses.  For some problems that will blow your socks off, read about the Trex® Class Action Suit by angry homeowners nationwide.  But the good news is that there is one composite decking material that gives homeowners just about everything they want… with very, very minor drawbacks.  GeoDeck® (link to  Just a brief list of benefits include:

  • Truly low maintenance so you can spend more time sunning yourself
  • Does not fade like other composites
  • Embarrassing mold does not grow into and past the surface making fungus growth impossible
  • Not easy to stain
  • Does not decay and rot like others
  • Has a LIFETIME limited warranty!
  • Is tongue & groove so nails are hidden
  • Has a hollow, self-ventilating design so boards remain much cooler in direct sunlight
  • Has laser embossed designs that look like real wood
  • Won’t warp, twist, peel, crack or cup
  • Is slip resistant when wet
  • Is environmentally friendly
  • Is very competitively priced

And we are experts at installing this fine product.  We just need 4 things to start.  See the manufacturer’s website for lots more.

My Reply to No Deck Maintenance with Virginia Decking & Remodeling:

We have been in business since 1983… a very long time… and we have designed and built with everything from one of the first vinyl decking products ever made (Brock Dock back years ago), to Trex® to fiberon® to GeoDeck® and many other composite deck, vinyl deck and pvc deck products (recently Azek Procell® and Gossen® PVC). They ALL have pluses and minuses. They ALL have drawbacks. (In fact, we have discovered some drawbacks to many wood composite decking materials so serious that it will surprise you. For one example, read about a nationwide Class Action suit against Trex®.)

But the good news is that there does appear to be one composite decking material that gives homeowners everything they want… with very minor drawbacks.