The boss has declared that we must discount our decks and porches by an unheard of 25% discount off labor and materials if you do two things:

  1. Buy your materials DIRECTLY from our Supplier (which means we do not mark them up like other deck companies do) and…
  2. Get a Homeowner Permit (we give you everything you need in our Permit Packet).

Because of your participation in this process, it is possible for us to offer such a high discount to our customers. This will save you thousands. And you don’t even have to pick up the materials at our Supplier. They call you and deliver to your driveway where our Builder meets the driver, compares the materials coming off the truck to his list, and takes them around back.

Call 540 786-3534 right now for a quote.

We use our powerful, copyrighted Excel Pricing Spreadsheet to give you an accurate quote. This 25% off unheard of discount is a LIMITED TIME offer and rumor has it that it is about to end.  So CALL NOW!

For customers looking for A 50% DISCOUNT, we have an amazing service that hundreds of our customers have used.