Online Gazebo Catalog
(1st Edition)
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  • We deliver your gazebo to your site pre-built

  • We ship gazebo kits you can quickly assemble (average 1 day for 2 men)

  • We provide detailed Building Plans (by email or mail)

Money Back Guarantee
All of our standard gazebo, pavilion, deck, and porch plans come with our unconditional money back guarantee.  Please click on this link to read how this works.
octagon gazebo plan      Octagon Gazebos (8 equal sides)
octagon oval gazebo plan      Oval Gazebos (also 8 sided)
rectangular gazebo plan      Rectangular (4 sided) Gazebos


Please follow the link at the bottom of the page for many more
excellent gazebo photos with options from our 2nd Edition catalog.

See Gazebo (and Pavilion) Building Plan  pricing & ordering
information at the bottom of this page

(Don't forget, there is an Online Gazebo Catalog (2nd Edition) available with a lot more photos if you follow the link at the bottom of this page.)

*"The Johnson" 10' x 12' gazebo below is not available in kit nor is it included in the print version of the above catalog. However, it may be stick built on site for approximately $6,000 (turnkey) plus options.  If you choose to buy the materials, you can expect to pay approximately $1920 materials and $2700 labor only.  The Building Plans (on 11x17 blue grid lined drafting paper) are available for $359.95 + $--- P&H.



The Johnson oval octagon gazebo


*"The Aruba" 13' x 13' square gazebo below is not available in kit nor is it included in the print version of the above catalog.  However, it may be stick built on site.  Please see the price list below.  The Building Plans (on 11x17 blue grid lined drafting paper) are available for $359.95 + $10 P&H.


Aruba Screen Glass Spa Gazebo


"The Aruba" is a 13' x 13' square gazebo with a recessed hot tub or spa.  It's four sided square design makes it one of the easiest gazebos to build, yet it is both elegant in appearance and very functional. 

It is designed so that the spa rests on a concrete pad and the floor is built around the spa in easy to build sections.  A section of floor facing the stairs is removable in order to gain access to the spa's motor.  "The Aruba" is designed so that the floor comes about half way up the wall of the spa for a reason:  It makes stepping into the spa so much easier if your foot that remains on the deck is at about the same elevation as your foot landing inside the spa... and most spa's have a ledge or seat about half way up the interior wall. 

The spa is shown in the middle in the above drawing and is drawn as a 6' x 6' square.  Because the benches are 1.5' wide, this allows for a 1.5' walkway around the spa.  If your spa will be larger than 6' x 6', it can be located in the corner to gain more useable floor space as shown below.  "The Aruba" Building Plans show both the centered spa and corner spa.  The Building Plans allow for the following conditions:


  • Walls remaining open above either shadow boxes or standard picket handrail
  • Optional screen panels (removeable) above solid shadow boxes (click on link for PDF file)
  • Optional future glass panels (removeable) above solid shadow boxes
  • Optional bench
  • Optional cupola


"The Aruba" Building Plans
Detailed Building Plans with Materials List (each item noted for its location on the gazebo) sells for $359.95 + $ -- if digital copies are emailed.  Immediately available.  To order a set of plans, scroll down to Plan Ordering below or click on the link.


Glass is typically very expensive.  But we have found a method of providing for a future glass enclosure that is both easy to plan for and the absolute least expensive way to enclose with glass that we have ever seen.  (Click to see George Stevens' Glass Sunroom to see an example of how to enclose with glass without having to sell your mother-in-law.)


Aruba gazebo floor plans

(Also, be sure to check out how to buy your next hot tub spa
FACTORY DIRECT and save a bunch of money.
This will surprise and delight you.

"The Aruba" Gazebo Prices with Options
(Hottub/spa, paint, stain, electrical, plumbing, excavation not included)
Basic Gazebo
24' Bench
36' Bench
Cedar Shake Roof
Permanent Screening
11 Removable Screen Panels** (includes screen door)
11 Removable Glass Panels*** (includes glass door)
Building Permit
*Turnkey Total Price within 75 miles of Fred'bg, VA (USA)
Estimated Actual Materials Cost
Labor to Build On Your Site (Level Ground & Easily Accessible) Anywhere in USA
Total Above Labor + Above Estimated Materials Cost
****Your Estimated Savings If You Buy Materials
$500 saved if you obtain the Building Permit


*If we build "The Aruba" within 75 miles of Fredericksburg, Virginia (USA) and we provide all materials including concrete; white PVC lattice skirting; pressure treated support, floor and walls; and kiln dried materials for roof with asphalt shingles (exposed rafters).  Site must be level and easily accessible.  Construction in approximately two weeks from contract ratification in the fall and early winter.  Construction in approximately 4 weeks from contract ratification in late winter through the summer.

**Removable screen panels:  Charcoal aluminum screen with 3/4" wide by 9/32" thick white, aluminum framing.

***Removable glass panels:  1/8" thick tempered glass panels (meets code safety requirements) with Bailey "C" Sash heavy gauge white aluminum framing (21/32" wide x 5/16" thick) and weather sealed.  Note: Tempered glass not only meets code safety requirements but, unlike Plexiglas, it will not fog, scratch and become impossible to clean.  With tempered glass panels, your Glass Gazebo will stay safe and beautiful for many, many years.  Questions?  Call Fredericksburg Olde Towne Paint and Glass at 540 371-8705.  Ask to speak with John. Tell him Mike French said to call.

****To better understand how our clients can save a great deal of money through becoming interactive in the Design and Build aspect of our business, please see how to Save a Bundle.


To see more gazebo pictures (a lot more), along with a more graphic description of the options, please click on the link for the...

 Online Gazebo Catalog (2nd Edition)


Please scroll down for Gazebo Building Plan information.


Log home plans

Click here for
beautiful log home
Building Plans!


Gazebo Building Plans

   When you order a set of Virginia Decking Gazebo, Deck, or Porch Plans, you also receive several full page Detail Drawings which include: 
  • Bench Detail 
  • Coffee Table Detail (click on link for example) 
  • Handrail Recessed Inside of Floor Detail 
  • Hottub or Spa Structural Support Detail (8'x8' or smaller) 
  • Handrail Detail (Chippendale & Vertical Picket) 
  • Stair Detail (includes tread-riser detail and bannister detail) 
  • Framing Around a Tree Detail 
  • Framing Around Bay Window (or Chimney) Detail 
  • Footing to Post to Beam to Joist to Ledger Detail


Why our Building Plans are so much better than anyone else's. Download a five (5) page sample deck and screen porch plan to prove it!


Custom Plans Designed, too!

Recent customers, Mr. & Mrs. Ward Niffenegger, sent me some beautiful photos of their "lakeside gazebo" they built from our Building Plans.  They did a wonderful job and I think any DIYer or contractor will appreciate their workmanship. Click on the link above.
Click to read how one county Plan
Reviewer rates our Building Plans
Gazebo Plans & Pavilion Plans
*Building Plans currently available for immediate email 
download or immediate postal mailing of hard copies are the following:
  8' Octagon
10' Octagon
12' Octagon
16' Octagon
10' Victorian Bandstand
12' Victorian Bandstand
13' Victorian Bandstand
14' Victorian Bandstand

Click for Arched Bridge Plan
and Elevated Gazebo

8'x14' Oval
10'x12' Johnson 
(Johnson is 
shown above)
10'x12' Oval
10'x14' Oval
10'x16' Oval
12'x16' Oval
12'x18' Oval
12'x20' Oval
12'x24' Oval
13'x13' Aruba 
(shown above)
18'x18' Square
10'x14' Rectangular
12'x18' Rectangular
12'x20' Rectangular
12'x24' Rectangular

Pavilions ($359.95 ea):
20' 12 sided
21'-3" 12 sided

25'x40' 12 sided

*All other gazebo plans have a 2 to 3 week availability.

NOTE:  When you order a set of Virginia Decking Gazebo, Porch, or Deck Plans, you also receive a complete Materials List (normally $14.95) as well as our exclusive "Hints & Tips: A Guide to Avoiding Common Deck Building Problems" ($9.95 if sold separately).  This is yours FREE with any Deck Plan, Porch Plan, or Gazebo Plan order.  Also included: "How to Plan a Deck" and "How to Build a Deck", two new articles written by the owner.

All of our standard deck, porch and gazebo plans come with our unconditional money back guarantee.  Please click on this link to read how this works.

Our Deck-Porch-Gazebo Plans are very clear and detailed CAD (Computer Assisted Design) Building Plans by Mike French, a 25 year construction industry veteran and Virginia Class A Licensed Builder.   Mike has specialized in Outdoor Structure Design & Build  for 24 years and has attended The University of Virginia School of Engineering and graduated with honors from Mary Washington College with degrees in Mathematics and Physics. 

Please understand that you will not be receiving a step by step "how to" manual on "How to Build a Gazebo".  Rather, you will be receiving complete building plans (and materials list) which means you must know how to read plans.  You also must have solid carpentry skills or have access to a carpenter.


Each set of detailed Building Plans comes on a large sheet of 11" x 17" drafting grid paper (black print on blue 1/4" grids for easy reading). Download and view sample deck and screen porch plan. It is in PDF file format. You will need Acrobat Reader (free) but you will be very impressed with the detail and comprehensive nature of these plans.

Important Note: The floors on all plans (deck, porch, gazebo) are designed for 50psf (per square foot) total loading.  All roofs (porch and gazebo) are designed for total loading of 40psf (pounds per square foot).  If you live in a geographic area which requires increased loading design (snow loading for example), please have your local Plan Review increase the loading design if needed.  Also, none of our plans are designed to sustain hurricane winds.  For such you will want your local Plan Review to add the necessary modifications to our plans.  They should help you with any changes because they work for you... you pay their salaries.

These Building Plans are also necessary 
in order to obtain Building Permits.

Plan Ordering
Unless otherwise noted, all gazebo Building Plans (with itemized Materials List) are priced at $359.95 + $--- P&H for hard copies on 11x17 blue grid lined drafting paper or... + $ -- for digital copies emailed (or $ -- for both) .   Add $20 for destinations other than USA. Add $20 if you want to order the "Elevated" version. You may order plans in any of the following ways:
  • You may print out the gazebo pricing page and circle the gazebo of your choice (each set of Building Plans and Materials List come with Double Roof, Cupola, Bench and Screening Options included such that you can easily customize your project).   Please add $5.00 if you want these plans emailed to you (please specify WMF or DXF), or add $10 to cover postage and handling if you want hard copies postal mailed to you (hint: emailed copies arrive fast, but hard copies are easier to read).   Add $10 if destination is other than USA. Feel free to order digital copies via email and hard copies via postal mail.  Just add $15.00 in that case.  Fax your order to 540 786-3324.   Please include your VISA or MC number, expiration date, name, mailing address and daytime phone number.   Please include your email address if you want fast turnaround and we will email you your complete package with downloading, viewing and printing instructions.
  • Or, you may email this same information to us at:

  •   Please be sure to add $5.00 if you wish to have your plans emailed to you, or add $10 to cover postage and handling if you wish to have hard copies postal mailed to you.   Or add $15.00 if you want digital copies emailed followed by hard copies in the mail. 
  • Or pay for this the fun, fast and secure way with PayPal. Just click on the button below. Be sure to include your mailing address, day phone, name, name of plans, and amount. 

Make payments with PayPal

You will need to use the following for my email address:

  • Or you may also feel free to call us at 540 786-3534 Monday, Wednesday or Friday 10AM - 4PM Eastern and give us your order the old fashioned way... by speaking to a real human being.

Questions on how to install cedar shake shingles on your gazebo?

Click on Mr Shakey below, and email off your question to
the experts at the Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau.
(Although Mr. Shakey's credibility is going down every
time he misses the nail!


cedar shake shingles


If receiving digital plans via email, please specify WMF or DXF file format.  WMF can be "inserted" by WordPad or Word. DXF files are handled by all good CAD programs.  You will need a wide carriage printer capable of printing on 11x17 (ledger size) paper if you order files in DXF format.

    And please don't forget:  For all sizes and shapes of available gazebos, please see our gazebo pricing pages.


Follow the link in the box for still more gazebo pictures.


To see more gazebo pictures (a lot more), along with a more graphic description of the options, please click on the link for the...

 Online Gazebo Catalog (2nd Edition).


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