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This Super Shield fluoropolymer will provide a beautiful gloss finish that is durable (lasts many, many years), safe (non-toxic [USDA approved], zero VOC, non-flammable, ADA non-slip wet or dry), does not allow growth of algae or mold (which is what makes wood slippery), mildew or bacteria (it is antimicrobial) and even cleans itself in the rain. Now THAT is what I call low maintenance! If only I could coat my kids with it.

Ipe wood is also amazing. It is so durable that it has been used to hold back the ocean in Europe for over 60 years in bulkheads. It really is the ideal wood for an outdoor application like a deck or porch. But like any wood, it will turn gray with time due to ultraviolet radiation, oxidation and plain old dirt. These three things are what attack, degrade, fade, stain, and discolor your roof, patio, deck, concrete, siding, walkways, driveway... you name it.

Solution? Finish it with a sealer... a coating that enhances the natural color but locks out water, dirt, UV rays, oxygen, and dirt. And preferably a finish that will last longer than 6 months or a year! THAT my friend, is the problem. Until now there hasn't been anything that meets all these criteria.

Now YOU are the lucky one who has discovered The Secret to a Permanent Maintenance Solution Ipe Deck. A bit too melodramatic? Probably... but this stuff screams to be heralded. Seriously. It really is the homeowner's answer to deck maintenance for once and for all. And Virginia Decking & Remodeling LLC is the deck company that brought it to you.

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(No Rust)




Oil & gas industry




Kills germs






Old Pressure Treated Wood Resurfaced Instead of Replaced
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