Deck Barter!?

Got something of value that you would like to get rid of but haven't wanted to try and sell?  (Or you're having trouble selling it?)  I might want it.  Or you might have a service that you can provide and that I might need.  And if I do want it, we can deduct the fair market value from the cost of your deck, porch or gazebo so that your out of pocket expense is reduced.  And I get a new toy (or needed service).  Interested?  Here's how it works:

Let's suppose that you have a small used truck (or tractor, Jet ski bartered for deck.or customized van, or catamaran, or fishing cabin, or website designing skills or programing skills or anything else of value that I might be interested in) that you want to get rid of (or rent in the case of the fishing cabin).  And for the purpose of this illustration, let's assume that the fair market value of this item is $3000 (it could be more or less).  And let's also assume that you want a 1000 sq ft deck (it could be larger or smaller).  If I want what you have, I could trade up to 1/3rd of the deck labor for your item. In this example, the deck labor would be 1000SF x $9.00/SF = $9000 labor only. I can trade up to 1/3rd of the deck labor, so I could sell you the deck for $6000 + your item. Make sense? Now understand that your item of value could be worth a lot less than $3000 and the project you get could cost a lot less than $9000 labor. Don't let it rattle you. This is only an example.

Why would I do this?  Two good reasons:  I like toys (and I need services and expertise that I don't have).  And I can sell more decks this way.  For example, one time I took a John Deere 318 tractor + $5000 for a deck.  Why?  I needed a lawn mower for the golf course I own (it just seems like a golf course when it's time to mow).  On another occasion, I wrote a contract to trade a deck for an above ground pool and spa.spas and hot tubs  Awhile back I sold a deck and discounted it in exchange for two overnight stays in a luxury hotel complete with complimentary dinner for two.  The bathroom was the size of my bedroom.  In all three cases I wanted the items my clients bartered.  And in all cases my taking the bartered items helped to close the sale.  Bartering your customized van or trailer or vacation time share or frequent flyer miles or web pagelessons bartered for deck porch optimization skills or time as a personal exercise trainer just might work for you, too.  Give me a call at the number below and let me know what you have.  It won't hurt to talk about it.  Let the creative juices flow, too.  Don't let yourself be limited to the below list.  You may have expertise or abilities to perform a particular service that I could use but have not even considered.  For example, my youngest announced recently that he wants to go sky diving.  I would never have thought of putting "sky diving" on the list.  But now I'm adding it.  Here's another one:  As we've gotten into middle age, the wife and I have been struggling the last few years with losing weight and getting into some semblance of decent shape.  (Actually she's younger and in a whole lot better shape than I am)  Anyway, we've got a closet full of workout videos and workout gadgets and various diet plans and powders and who knows what... but no tangible results.  I still don't look like Arnold Schwarzenegger.  She still doesn't look like Britney Spears (Denise Austin maybe).  So we got the bright idea we could use a trainer... a personal, one on two physical trainer who could encourage (nice word for "whip") us into shape.  Soooo... whatever you have, whatever you do, we might be interested.  Drop me an email... it doesn't hurt to ask.

Below is a partial list (updated constantly by my wife and kids) of items that we are currently interested in.  There is no particular order:





Uncoated, raw, unfinished, Ipe wood, Virginia Decking & Remodeling LLC, seal, Super Shield





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