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We are now offering a unique and
exclusive service across the country we call:

"Have Nail Gun - Will Travel"
(ok, it's hokey but I happen to think it's catchy)

Decks for America!  Decks America!
  Here is how it works:


1)  Clients who use our "Design-at-a-Distance" service save a great deal of money because they cut out the one of the middle men... The Salesman.   In-home deck and porch designers typically make 10%-15% commission (some more) for coming to your home and working with you to design the Preliminary Plan (click on the link to see a sample Preliminary Plans).  If your project's total cost is $20,000, that's $2000 to $3000 you should save if you can keep a Salesman out of your house (not always easy to do).  To read more about how this works, please see our "Design-at-a-Distance" service which can be used by our clients 30 miles away or 3000 miles away.  Click on the link above and read how it actually saves you a great deal of money and time over the traditional "on-site" in-home design approach and yet yields a superior deck, porch, sunroom, or gazebo Preliminary Plan custom tailored to fit your house, your terrain, your lifestyle and even your budget. We have been successfully providing this service to deck, porch, gazebo and sunroom customers worldwide for many years.

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Get Your Own Building Permit:

2)  If you obtain your Building Permit you save the Builder time and money.  And why not?  We provide you with a detailed, complete set of Building Plans.  Normally it's a matter of walking it through in about an hour or so (if you get there when they open), or possibly filling out a form and leaving it for a few days.  Either way, your local Plan Review will be delighted to see a set of Building Plans as clear and concise as our CAD plans that are printed in black ink on blue grid lined drafting paper, 11 x 17 in size with complete legend and explanation of symbols.  And you will save money because your Builder doesn't have to do anything but build the deck or porch.  You are saving him some overhead costs.  Click on the link to read more about it.

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Ordering Your Own Materials:

3) Regardless of where you live in the country,  you can save a great deal of money by ordering your own materials and saving the usual materials mark up (typically 40%-50% of the materials).  It is a system tailor made to help our design and build clients who are states away.  We've proven it in Virginia.  Read what our clients are saying about this wonderful service. If you are buying the outstanding composite decking/railing system by GeoDeck, or the vinyl decking/railings from Fairway Vinyl, you can save even more by ordering it through us (delivery to continental USA... call or email for samples and literature).


Who Will Build It?

4) If you are inside of the 75 mile radius from Fredericksburg, Virginia (use mapquest from my 22404 zip code to yours) or located in Maryland, we will provide one of the outstanding  deck crews that we represent to build your project (latest Deck Builder from Maryland to join with us).  Crews build for the $11.11/SF (pressure treated) labor only ($7.50/SF labor to frame) prices that we advertise.  (See our Online Deck Cost Calculator for more information on labor and material costs) But if you live outside of these areas, we are now sending one of the experienced deck crews that I market and sell for... right to your home... even if you are states away. How? Simple. You can typically save so much money by acting as your own General Contractor (buying materials, getting your own Permit) and maybe also saving more by using our "We Frame - U Finish" service... that you can afford to pay our crew travel and per diem to build it ourselves. For a perfect example with all real life prices broken down, see "The Bautch" screen porch and deck combination.

Putting It All Together:

Let's take an example to help illustrate all of these rather unique deck building services.  Let's suppose that you live in Durham, NC and want a 900 sq ft deck made of pressure treated (to keep it simple).  And let's suppose for the sake of argument that you have the time and ability to install the decking and railing.  This is how it might work:

Your deck will cost you approximately $5400 in materials if you use pressure treated wood (900 x $6.00 = $5400).  Your labor will run you $6075 (900 x $6.75) if you install the decking and railings.  Therefore your total cash outlay for your 900SF deck will be approximately $11,475 for a pressure treated deck ($5400 materials + $6075 labor).  $11,475 cash outlay for a deck that would normally and typically cost approximately $18,300 (900 x $20 + $300).  That is a $6825 savings over using a local deck company. That's a good deal. It will pay you to pay us to build it. How? We charge $.70/mile one way and $35/diem/man including travel time. You will still save a ton. Here's why:

A 900SF deck typically takes five (5) days to build. Durham is about 180 miles away from us (used zip code distance finder). Figure a half day to travel down and a half day to travel back. So...

Travel & Per Diem Rates
180 miles x $1.00/mile
$180 travel expense
6 days for 3 men @ $50/day
$900 per diem expenses

$1080 travel & per diem


Figure it out: $11,475 labor and materials + $1080 travel & per diem = $12,555 built by us for a deck that will cost you about $18,300 if built by a local deck firm. You save $5745. Not bad. Not bad at all. Price it out with a local deck company and see for yourself. Then call Mike French at 540 786-3534 any m/w/f 10am-1pm Eastern Time and we can discuss the details.


Click Pergola for Owner contactTom Schaaf's deck pergola

The owner of this above deck, Tom Schaaf, used our "Design-at-a-Distance" service and one of our crews.  Read what Tom thinks about it.  (And try not to laugh.)

So what are you waiting for?  If you want to order our "Design-at-a-Distance" service, everything you need to place your order can be found on the Consulting Page.  Just click on the link.


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